Susan B Lisk

Accounting Technician


The College of Humanities & Social Sciences Financal Services Office is responsible for the maintenance, oversight, and reporting of financial accounting data and budget. Responsibilities include but are not limited to purchasing (including purchasing contracts); accounts payable; receivables, travel; personal reimbursements; management of 3-ledger and 9-ledger trusts; management of 6-ledger and 7-ledger (non-endowment related); maintenance of OUCs, projects, and phases; access to systems, budget transfers, and other accounting-related matters. Although the staff in the Financial Services Office work collectively to serve the faculty and staff in the college; the departments are divided among the staff for financial transactions.  

Susan is responsible for observing, monitoring, collecting, and recording fiscal data; assessing accuracy, validity, and integrity of transactions; problem-solving, interpretation of regulations, accuracy of entries, and reconciliation of data and information. In addition, Susan coordinates and/or makes recommendations for system changes, test new processes, and has independent responsibility for maintaining accounting records.


  • BA in Political Science from Rice University, 1967
  • MLS in Library & Information Science from University of South Carolina, 1990